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    so in my Vista, I installed (for the first time) DM 6 B57 (the latest from RIM). Before installation, I have a folder named Blackberry in "My Picture" folder containing all picture files.

    Apparently after installation, RIM uses the same folder 'My Picture' -> 'Blackberry' as the backup folder for DM.

    After I installed DM, ALL, and I mean ALL, my files under Blackberry folder are GONE and it was replaced with the same folder name. Why do I say REPLACE? Because the new folder (but with same name) has a date/time stamp the same time when I installed the DM, not the date/time stamp when I created the Blackberry folder to file all my pictures. Therefore DM REPLACED essentially the same name folder by creating a new folder and deleting the old folder that has the same name

    How do I recover my pictures? I tried System Restore, but there is no shadow copy in system restore. Try Shadow Explorer but with no luck.

    Any ideas?

    12-07-10 12:54 AM