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    I have the BB Curve and MMP running 10.5 and pocketmac worked sometimes and then would mess up my ical or address book. Yesterday I spend way too long uninstalling and the reinstalling. I went purchased missing sync for bb and it's not only is it way easier to use but it's faster. I can now have my calender and address book on my bb. Before I was never sure if the events had been moved around so I would hate to say yes to something until I checked my ipod touch. I just wanted to post this for anyone who is having the same trouble with pocketmac. You might get it fixed today but in a few months you could be dealing with it again. I think $39.00 seemed high for something BB should get off their as$ and provide. But I work for myself and my time can be better spent.
    BB needs to do more for the mac user along with the cel providers. Once you say mac they say "sorry we don't support the mac" so do I get a discount on my monthly fee because I can't call support?
    I mad but glad to using most of my BB hope this helps someone else.
    12-06-08 07:34 AM