1. drfever's Avatar
    Let me get to the point. I just installed the new Blackberry desktop software.

    I note that in previous versions it would only sync the default calendar. GREAT.

    I have 5 emails, BBM and FAcebook running on my device. I'm self employed and I need the device to sync with outlook only with my business calendar. However, I note with the new desktop software, I can't find an option to select which organizer to sync and when I click on the view beside organizer, I get the message that the following organizer's will be synchronized ... and it goes on to list everything.

    Without realizing this, I did a synch and now my business calender is all clutterred with personal crap, facebook garbage and everything esle I did not want on my calendar on my desktop.

    Does anyone know how to only select one organizer for syncing using the new desktop software?

    Thank you
    09-13-12 02:31 PM
  2. montyl's Avatar
    What I do is go in and delete the CICAL service books from my blackberry for all of the calendars I dont want on my handset. (options-device-advanced system settings-service books). just make sure in the facebook app on your berry you dont have the caledar option selected or the facebook service book for the caledar will come back.
    09-13-12 02:57 PM