1. bigwill1223's Avatar
    i was upgrading to, and my PC went into sleep mode or something during the backup process. The OS has been installed but I have none of my backup on my phone. When i plug the phone in and open DM the screen gets a light greyish tint, and the DM freezes there, never doing anything else after recognizing my pin. How can I get everything back?
    11-21-09 07:38 PM
  2. jlsparks's Avatar
    Are you using Vista or XP? If Vista you might try launching DM in administrator mode (go to the icon on your desktop, right click "Run as Administrator). Have you rebooted your computer? Have you minimized DM to see if there's a message of some sort hiding behind it? That's where I would start.
    11-21-09 08:02 PM