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    I'm running Vista x64 so YMMV. Sometimes, when I reconnect my phone via USB, Desktop Manager is unable to detect it and connect to it.

    Here is a solution I have discovered via trial and error. The problem lies with the Blackberry Device Manager. When you disconnect your phone, sometimes Blackberry Device Manager still thinks the phone is connected.

    If that's the case, just go to Task Manager and find the process "RIMDeviceManager.exe" (RIMDeviceManager.exe *32 for x64 users) and end the process. Close DM, reconnect your phone, and start DM (if auto-start is not enabled). Blackberry Device Manager will restart itself and should detect your phone.

    If this solution has been explained already, please forgive me and ignore this post. Hope this helps.
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    08-14-09 11:18 PM
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    didn't work on my 8900...sigh
    08-16-09 05:36 PM
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    Yeah after I posted that, I found out it didn't work all the time. I had to reboot the machine to make it recognize the phone again.
    08-16-09 07:04 PM
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    I use Vista 64 also and I've been having the problem as well. Both DM and Apploader launched from loader.exe doesn't detect the PIN.

    I'm using DM 5.0, only because DM 4.6 kept giving me errors when installing the usb device driver when I connect to the usb port.

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    08-17-09 07:20 PM
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    hi, i am using a bold and the desktop manager just doesnt want to connect me...using vista ultimate and desktop manager 5.0
    it shows device conected (pin) NONE and at the upper part it is disconnected

    Please help
    10-17-09 11:45 PM
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    Thanks for the post! It think it is working for me. I am connected now... it is just taking forever to "wait for the device initalization". It,s not kidding when it says it could take up to 15 minutes.
    10-25-09 07:48 PM