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    Running "synchronize", I now get an error box popping up that contains the following message:



    There was a total of 1 record(s) skipped during the synchronization as summarized below:

    Adress Book: Device - 0, Lotus Notes - 1

    Please check the synchronization log for more details.

    I'm using Lotus Notes (don't ask....its a sore point with my employer!), and any fix I've found is for Outlook. Also using DM 4.6 (again, don't ask!).



    I can't find any files or directories named "intellisync" nor can I find the log file.

    Any idea how to identify the offending record and clear the synchronization error?
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    12-08-09 02:48 PM
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    I get the same pop up, except mine says Device - 0, Microsoft Outlook - 1.
    If I uncheck the option for syncing my contacts, It wont pop up. But that is one of the things I want to sync. I do have an option in the box for viewing the log. But it dosnt help me much. It dosnt tell me what the conflict is.
    02-07-10 10:38 PM
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    I upgraded my OS and backup now works fine
    02-08-10 02:25 PM