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    My apologies on another Mac/Wipe thread but I cannot find a cut and dry answer on this subject.

    Firstly, I recently switched my computer (and lifestyle) to Mac OS X - Snow Leopard from Windows based machines.

    Secondly, I own a Storm1 from Verizon, OS

    Now, prior to using Mac, I would wipe with BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife or JL_cmdr, then load up DM and install my OS.

    However, no good, free wiping program for Mac.

    So, my question is two sided. First, I know there is an option in DM for Mac to reload system software. Is that the same as wiping the device with, say, JL_cmdr?
    And, if DM isn't wiping my device and I don't want to run a dual boot, what are my options for a good, low-level wipe of my Storm1.

    Again, I apologize for bringing this subject up again, but I do remember somebody once telling me DM, when re-installing a devices OS, will do a low-level wipe same as JL_cmdr. However, I am still new to much of this so thank you all very much for any and all help.
    01-20-10 12:33 PM