1. bkendig's Avatar
    In BlackBerry Desktop Manager's Application Loader, I want to completely remove "Texas Hold'Em King 2".

    This is an app I tried for a while then deleted. It's no longer on my BlackBerry 8900. The checkbox next to it in Application Loader is blank. I can't find any file corresponding to it on my PC's hard drive.

    I want to remove all trace of this application. How do I make BlackBerry Desktop Manager not show it in the Application Loader list?
    02-05-10 03:21 PM
  2. roachkv's Avatar
    I could use help with this as well. My App Loader file list contains not only files I've tried and deleted but numerous older file versions of 3rd party apps and native BB apps as well. I also have several files listed which are always unchecked and whose "action" is remove, but the file always remains on the list (but not on my device as far as I can tell).
    02-07-10 07:37 PM