1. mrmalkovich's Avatar
    hey all. i have an 8320 curve, tmobile is my carrier.

    whenever i want to add and delete media from my blackberry i open up the desktop manager, then i view my files via the manager, but at that point i go to the Blackberry icon in My Computer, which by that point has unlocked, allowing me to add and delete files through there, which i find a lot easier than dealing with the DM interface.

    Question: is there any way to configure your computer and/or phone so that as soon as you plug your phone into your computer you can start adding and deleting media via the My Computer icon, WITHOUT desktop manager installed?
    12-10-09 12:32 PM
  2. JBHuskers's Avatar
    If you've connected your phone through the USB port in your computer...your computer should read it as a separate drive in My Computer. That's how I add and remove MP3's onto my MicroSD.
    12-10-09 12:42 PM
  3. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Only the Media Card will be visible as a drive on your computer. The Device Memory won't be.

    But definitely use a card. And definitely skip Media Manager for copying files back and forth.
    12-10-09 05:53 PM