1. courtneyclv's Avatar
    My BB Bold died, got a new one today. I did a backup to my new Bold and all contacts, calendar, etc transfered. Music didn't, photos didn't themes, or applications. When I did the backup the 2gb memory card was in the phone and I was assuming that everything on there would go to my pc. I now transfer everything to the new phone and put the 8gb card in. But none of the media or themes is on there.

    Where did it go (it is still on the 2gb but want more storage) and how can I transfer it?

    01-05-10 04:36 PM
  2. cliephoto's Avatar
    Plug in your 2gb card into your new blackberry. Connect the BB to your computer. Next copy the whole 2gb card to your computer. Now disconnect the BB from your computer. Swap the cards so you now have the 8gb in your BB. Reconnect the BB to your computer and copy the files to your new 8gb card.
    01-20-10 11:31 AM