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    I have blend turned on on my phone, but when I go into the blend setting on my phone where it says my computer it says disconnected. So I got to device connection settings an it says that my phone is paired to the computer. Allowed connections and use over mobile network are both on. That's just on the phone

    Now to the computer, I just updated to windows 10 but this was still a problem when I was using windows 8.1. If I open up blend I can sign in and it lets me select my device. The it says initializing > connecting > connected > then it says that I need to update the blend software to the latest version. I have gone and downloaded the latest software form blackberry pops up the terms of agreement, then when I hit accept it another window pops up that says "Blackberry 10 desktop software setup" The pop up is just black and says blackberry across the bottom with what looks like progress bar (although it doesn't appear to be doing anything). Next I get an error pop up that says the same thing "Blackberry 10 desktop software setup". But this one says to close the following applications: Blackberry Blend. Blend is closed so I have no clue why it is saying this from what I can tell the first pop up that is just black and doing nothing is some sort of program from blend and is preventing it. So then I try to close the blank popup and it gives and audible error and flashes both of the popup windows.If I press cancel then it just stops the update and the first black window expands and says that the process was canceled.

    So after failing to be able to update the blend software I figured I would just uninstall it and reinstall. only the same thing happens. When I go to uninstall I get the same two popups saying that Blend needs to be closed along with the other popup that is just appears to be blank. SO now I can't update, and it won't let me uninstall, Is there any way to go and delete the whole program manually? or is there some other solution?

    Here are some picture of the windows im getting.
    How can I get Blackberry Blend to connect?-blend.pngHow can I get Blackberry Blend to connect?-blend2.pngHow can I get Blackberry Blend to connect?-blend-3.png
    08-18-15 11:36 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    I assume you rebooted and then tried to uninstall the apps?

    Maybe try going into safe mode and then uninstall?

    There are 3rd party apps desigend to help you uninstall troublesome apps like Revo Uninstaller.

    Also I found with Windows 10 I needed the Beta version of Blend for it to work.....
    08-18-15 01:13 PM

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