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    I recently upgraded my desktop manager to version for updating the software on my 8300 Curve. My computer has MS Outlook 2007 and includes all of my contacts. Before upgrading my desktop manager, I was able to synchronize my contacts without issue. Now there are plenty of issues.

    First, new contacts added to MS Outlook are no longer transferred to my BB.
    Second, it is creating duplicate contacts - for example: If I have Bob & Jill Smith, then one entry is made for first name "Bob & Jill" and another entry is made for "& Jill." Some entries are duplicated because a contact Jill Sue Smith is entered with first name Jill, Middle name Sue, last name Smith; another entry includes First name Sue Last name Smith; another entry includes First name Smith, Last name Sue. I have mapped the fields, which seem to make any difference whatsoever.

    If I cannot fix this, then I would like to get the old version of desktop manager back - anyone know where to find it?
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