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    I am using Blackberry Desktop software to switch data from old Tour to new Tour and realized mid-way through the switch that I don't have the latest Desktop software installed. The device switch feature "Task in Process 'is going on 3 hours at this point and I'm afraid to stop it and restart it given the warning that the device may become unusable if you disconnect. Should I just disconnect it anyway? Download the latest software and try again? I don't think it should be taking 3 hours to complete this switch! Any help or suggestions much appreciated!!
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    08-28-10 10:32 PM
  2. CASH's Avatar
    What DM version you have?
    08-28-10 11:24 PM
  3. melhunnybee's Avatar
    Anyone?? Waited 4 hours for this device switch, only for it to say "A fatal error as occured while updatingyour device's software. Please try again." Please any suggestions???
    08-28-10 11:36 PM
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    Hi Cash, its DM version v 5.0.1..
    08-28-10 11:37 PM
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    I used an even older version to switch from the Tour to the Bold-9650. It didn't take that long so obviously something went awry.

    Have you tried again, yet? DM 6.x has issues with syncing 3rd party stuff like Datavault from what I've read.
    08-28-10 11:53 PM
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    Sorry I took so long.

    Ok, try closing DM and then click Safely remove hardware.
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    08-29-10 12:02 AM
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    Thanks Cash, but its just worse now..after the fatal error I got, I downloaded the lastest DM and tried updating the software, until I noticed it seemed frozen and said 'Disconnected'. Thinking to start over, I then disconnected the BB from the pc. However now when the new phone turns on, it keeps saying 'App error' and shuts down. This has been a waste of 6 hours and Im now trying to re-activate my old phone until I can bring both phones into the Verizon store tomorrow. Just dont know what went wrong in this process, so frustrating.
    08-29-10 01:05 AM
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    Do you have a PC or a Mac? If you have a PC you can download the OS for the new device and use the apploader to install it, and then try to transfer the data from the backup you made on your old device...

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    08-29-10 03:49 PM