1. happa1975's Avatar
    I've had an 8130 for over a year and never synced it to my computer (an old iBook G4) so it has now stopped functioning. I was told to back up my phone using the pocketmac program, which I did, and am now trying to get the OS update onto my phone. when I go to the vzam.net/blackberry site, I get a downloadable .exe file which my computer opens up in TextEdit, so I just see a jumble of characters and nothing happens. any advice on how I can get this thing to work right? thx.
    05-08-09 07:44 PM
  2. controversialfigure's Avatar
    Unfortunetly, there isn't a way to upgrade your OS using pocketmac; You'll need to have access to a machine running Windows if you want to upgrade. Also, you won't be able to open the .exe as it's a Windows executable so it won't work on Mac OS.
    05-09-09 05:40 AM