1. habsfan170's Avatar
    I got a Bold and upon trying to sync my contacts to it - it created duplicates of every contact I had. Despite the 'do not allow duplicates' option set, they didn't go away so I went through and deleted them all.
    Now, since somehow the contacts got erased from my Microsoft Outlook, I am attempting to sync the contacts from my phone (which has them all in order) to the computer. For some reason, only 4 out of some 260 are coming back over from the device. This is completely confusing me.

    All help is appreciated!

    02-13-10 02:35 PM
  2. scott750's Avatar
    I had this same problem when I selected sync with MS Outlook. Did you set up your sync for one or two-way? You might be setup as two-way sync. I switched mine to sync with my yahoo account two-way and things are back to normal. I haven't played with the MS Outlook syncing enough to know of a better fix.
    02-13-10 03:15 PM
  3. habsfan170's Avatar
    It is set for 2 way - although I've attempted 1 way from device to computer to get my contacts back on my laptop.
    A side note: I installed the latest 5.0 version of bold OS from blackberryos.com, before I did this it seemed to be correctly syncing - so maybe this is an issue?
    02-13-10 03:59 PM