1. phuile's Avatar
    I have checked through the search, but couldn't see any answer to this:
    I just got my Bold 9700, and I have installed the Desktop Manager onto my laptop and desktop. When I connect the Bold to the computers, the Desktop Manager turned grey (hang), with a panel saying that I need to verify that the device is connected. The Device manager has already recognized the Bold and the phone also registered that it is connected. But the Desktop Manager just froze.
    The ver I have is, so it should be up to date?
    I've also got another error - C++ runtime error: the panel says "The program has required the runtime to terminate in an unusual way."

    Can anyone help me with this? This happens with both WindowsXP and Windows7.

    Thanks for any help!
    02-24-10 04:25 AM
  2. jshuford's Avatar
    Perhaps an updated version of Desktop Manager is necessary: https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads...039F7898184FC5
    02-24-10 05:16 AM
  3. fatboy97's Avatar
    I'd remove the program... reboot your PC... then download a fresh copy... use the link in my signature below... you can download ANY version of DM directly from RIM using this link... including the 5.0 SP1 version.
    02-24-10 05:49 AM
  4. phuile's Avatar
    On the same issue - does anyone know if there are system services in Windows that need to be running for the BB Desktop Manager to work?

    Thanks again!
    02-24-10 02:22 PM