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    I had problems with my 8330 earlier today--thought it might be dead because it died in the middle of a Desktop Manager synch. After following the advice from several of you here, I managed to upload the new DM software and plugged my BB back in. It synced right back up (yay! it wasn't dead!) but now I am having a problem with the Contacts portion of the re-upload.

    Desktop Manager must have succeeding in backing up my BB before my BB crashed, because after DM finished re-loading after I got the latest version, I had all my songs, pics, and media back on my BB. (yay!) But when I try syncing my address book, DM process, reads, and then tells me I have the following changes: 132 additions to load from my computer's email program. If I click the details button, there are all my contacts. But when I click "Accept" I get this error:

    Connector specific error

    Any thoughts? All my contacts are THERE...I can see them all. They just won't transfer to my phone. Is that a Desktop Manager issue?

    THANK YOU for all your help today!
    01-25-10 04:48 PM