1. lishai's Avatar
    Hi guys,
    I really need your help with this one...

    The problem: My iMac won't idetify/connect to my BB.
    Background: I used to work with Blackberry Desktop Manager to sync iCal, address book but since I installed Office 2008 for Mac (which includes Microsoft Entourage) - it stopped recognizing my device (the Device menu on BDM is disable/grey). I didn't try to sync with Entourage.
    I'm using: Blackberry Desktop Manager 1.0.4 (latest) and Mac OS X 10.6.4

    I've tried the following but the device still won't connect:
    remove/re-install Microsoft Entourage
    sync with different BB device
    sync with Pocket Mac for BB
    The BB cable works - it is charging the device.

    It seems like a problem with the Mac OS. I'd appreciate your ideas to finally solve it.
    08-20-10 10:00 PM
  2. Blovely0521's Avatar
    I am having a similar issue. when I connect my BlackBerry to my iMac and open DM nothing happens. I get an option on the Berry that asks if I want to charge only, Sync Media, or use it as a hard drive. I have tried all three options and none of them seem to change the issue. Anyone that can assist would be truly appreciated.

    Here is what I am running:
    BlackBerry curve 9330
    App Version:
    PIN: 32D159C8

    Again, any help is very VERY much appreciated

    Oh, and happy halloween!!!
    10-31-11 08:19 PM