1. RhythMick's Avatar
    Been like this for a while, but a burst of xmas energy made me try to fix it.

    BB DM is at 5.0.1. BB OS is

    PC is Vista Ultimate, fully patched. I'm logged on as an Admin user, but have also tried running DM as a "real" admin.

    BB Device Manager reports USb connection and shows the PIN. However Desktop Manager stubbornly refuses to connect, thus I can't sync any data.

    For completeness, I can see the drives no problem through windows, drag music files etc np. I just can't sync up to Outlook.

    Searched for ages on here without result. Any clues ?
    12-29-09 04:43 AM
  2. Sherstorm's Avatar
    you mean your Email data?
    12-29-09 05:19 AM