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    I have a 9650 with the latest Sprint build of OS 6 and the latest Desktop Manager. My Bold is showing 48mb free application storage (and plenty of free SD card storage).

    When I try to run a backup, it grinds to a halt on MMS. It's reporting 261 MMS messages. By the time it gets to message 100, the clock icon appears on my phone for about 3 minutes a message. When it reaches 198 (of 261) it hangs there for about 10 minutes and then I get a message saying there was a communications timeout between the device and the computer.

    Then, I tried to do a backup of everything but Content Store and MMS and it finished successfully. Then I ran a backup selecting just Content Store. That ran fine and completed. Then I ran a backup selecting just MMS (figuring that I might get lucky only selecting this one option) and it's currently been sitting on message 197 for around 15 minutes and counting.

    My questions are as follows:

    1. If I choose to save an image from an SMS (MMS) to the SD card, does it still exist in the MMS?

    2. Is there an easy way to filter all SMS messages to display on MMS messages (because they're spread out among many different people's conversations over a long period of time?

    3. Is there a folder on the device that I can find these MMS attachments to manually move or delete?

    4. Does DM backup deliver files one-by-one to the laptop running DM and then put them in the .ipd file, or does it bundle them up on the phone and then deliver the completed file? The reason I ask is that I wonder if the low amount of application storage on my phone is causing the slowdown/halt/timeout.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    05-03-12 04:35 PM
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    In the messages folder I found a menu option for Search -> Advanced. On the settings screen is an option to filter by folders. You can select MMS in and MMS out to show you just a list of MMS messages. I deleted all of my outgoing (since those pics already reside on my phone. This brought me down to 90 MMS but more importantly freed up another 50mb of application storage. Now my backup ran. I'm curious to see if BB Protect will complete now as well.
    05-03-12 07:35 PM