1. sandroteti's Avatar
    hi guys i downloaded the software and installed it but my desktop software doesn't detect it when i plug in my phone and ideas
    01-10-13 02:33 PM
  2. Shane8750's Avatar
    Any issues with the USB connector? I had to have mine in a cradle to charge, and to update, would work if my phone was upright and the wire not stressed at all, bad connectors after a year and a month of use. A month to late for warranty exchange.
    01-10-13 04:27 PM
  3. sandroteti's Avatar
    My computer detects the phone just not the update that I installed onto the computer from rim

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    01-10-13 04:58 PM
  4. go1ndr's Avatar
    OP: You will need to completely delete the vendor.xml files that are on your PC, for your BBDM or AppLoader (preferred way to load) to see the OS you downloaded. To do that, you can manually do a search using your PC Start menu button. In the search line type: vendor.xml and do a complete search of your PC. There should be two files there--one in the program files and one on the hard drive. It will find them and when it does, you need to delete them from the pc and from your recycle bin. Sometimes they are hidden so if you can't find them, then you can down load this program called "Vendelete" which is a simple dos program that does the search for you and through it, you can delete them. Below is the thread that has the download for it. Open the download link and download Vendelete to your PC and run it. Only takes a minute.
    You need to delete these two carrier files in order for the AppLoader or DM to see the download. Once they are deleted, you should go to AppLoader and click on install. Make sure and do a complete back up of your phone on BBDM prior to installing it. Both AppLoader and BBDM do a complete wipe of the phone prior to installing the update so you will want to have your files backed up! Here is the link for Vendelete: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...-files-709738/. Give this a try and if you still can't install it, let us know and someone on here will come up with the answer. Good luck!
    01-10-13 05:04 PM
  5. sandroteti's Avatar
    Nope didn't work even with the vendelete

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    01-10-13 10:38 PM
  6. Shane8750's Avatar
    Try rebooting your PC, and running the update without an internet connection. I had issues with that also as well as the vendor file, I forgot about that step
    01-11-13 12:53 PM
  7. go1ndr's Avatar
    Try rebooting your PC, and running the update without an internet connection. I had issues with that also as well as the vendor file, I forgot about that step
    Good point Shane 8750, I forgot to tell Sandrot in the post to reboot the PC when you were done with the vendor file deletion. Sandrot, you could also run a registery cleaner on your PC like CCleaner (www.ccleaner.com) which a free and powerful utility. It will dump all the little bits of trash that is still hanging around.
    I've never done an update ota but would think USB is a better route. If it were me using a USB connection, I'd do a complete wipe with BBSAK after backing up. Then go back through the steps and and make sure the new download didn't dump a vendor.xml file or two on you pc somewhere that's hidden. Also check your recycle bin and dump if you haven't already with CCleaner. I've had this happen before and even though I found the initial 2 vendor.xml files, it wouldn't see the OS, and then it hit me that the new download added thier vendor.xml files and sure enough they were there. I dumped them and bingo it did its thing.
    Anyway, I'd do a full back up a couple of different places, write down any 3rd party app license keys, then wipe the phone> re-download the OS to the PC, recheck for vendor.xml files, and then use Apploader to install it. Keep us posted as this is an interesting case. Thanks and Good Luck!
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    01-11-13 02:12 PM
  8. sandroteti's Avatar
    Still haven't got it to update my phone ggggrrrrrr

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    01-12-13 06:44 PM
  9. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    Double/triple-check that you have the correct device OS for your model number installed on the computer. Look in "Add/Remove Programs" on your computer.

    Have you tried using the AppLoader (Loader.exe) to install the device OS instead of the BlackBerry Desktop Software?
    01-12-13 06:52 PM
  10. sandroteti's Avatar
    No but I will try it that way when I get home

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    01-12-13 07:01 PM
  11. sandroteti's Avatar
    where do i get the apploader
    01-12-13 10:03 PM
  12. sandroteti's Avatar
    how do i get the apploader
    01-12-13 10:06 PM
  13. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    If you have installed the BlackBerry Desktop Software on your computer, then it's already there.

    Read this from the "BlackBerry Help" page linked at the top of every page CrackBerry.

    How to Install or Upgrade to a New RIM BlackBerry Operating System (OS) with AppLoader | CrackBerry.com
    01-13-13 07:40 AM
  14. sandroteti's Avatar
    This is really starting to **** me off and I got the newest version of the desktop manager and windows 7 those instructions are old for what I can see

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    01-13-13 10:56 AM
  15. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    It does not matter that the instructions are "old". The process is the same.

    Go here on your computer. C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader
    Run Loader.exe

    01-13-13 11:09 AM
  16. sandroteti's Avatar
    I found the loader finally I have never used it to install an OS before how do I do it

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    01-13-13 12:24 PM
  17. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    Did you read the instructions in the link I posted?
    01-13-13 03:12 PM
  18. go1ndr's Avatar
    1) back up phone with DM and then close DM.
    2) delete vendor.xml files. (at least 2, maybe more hiding--use vendelete.
    3) download new OS from download page.
    3) Click on Loader.exe and let it do it's thing.
    4) Go to AppWorld and reinstall apps that didn't install back on your device.

    That's all there is to it.
    01-14-13 03:43 PM

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