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    Hey guys, I need some fresh ideas. I have the Bold 9900 and playbook and my home computer is a home built Win7 ultimate x64.

    The problem I have is that my BB and PB DO connect to desktop manager, but it has one **** of a time connecting to third party apps like BBH Tool or the BBSK app. I have uninstalled ALL my usb drivers, and restarted my computer, I have uninstalled ALL my blackberry stuff, drivers, desktop manager, Blackberry device manager and reinstall then after a computer reboot and still cannot connect.

    It makes it hard sometimes to do OS updates to my Bold 9900 as the apploader sometimes doesn't detect my phone. And this is coming up now because I went to sideload the Android App player on my PB with the Dev OS 2.0 software.

    BBH Tools cannot connect with my PB while its in dev mode or normal mode and can't bring up the device info and at the bottom it is says something like it cannot find playbook connected or something, and the playbook is connected to the computer. I have tried different USB ports as well.

    This is beginning to get very frustrating to figure out. And because it was my phone and now PB, I would like to figure out a solution to this.

    Computer system
    intel E8400 stock @ 3ghz
    8gb RAM
    Gigabyte Ep45 mobo
    Win 7 ultimate x64
    11-02-11 09:31 AM
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    Have you tried:

    Use another USB cable.

    It is not a WIN7 or BB problem. I have DM running fine on WIN7, both 32 and 64bit systems, one being a home brew as well.
    11-03-11 11:26 AM
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    Same here, I have only been able to connect with BBBoss one time and that was when I completed an OS shrink, never with BBSAK, and never with BBHTool, I have deleted all Rim software and reinstalled them, I am attempting to do a wipe and reinstall since any new apps I download from App World are thrown in my "All" panel despite having "Downloads" set as the default download location, once any app is downloaded I am not able to bring up the menu with the option to move or hide the icons. which is the reason to reload the OS. I have been trying all kinds of remedies to fix this, if I figure it out I will post the results. Shame that all this effort is required to have a functional phone with no defects.
    11-16-11 04:42 PM
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    I had used Ctrl Alt Delete key input to open the Task Manager where I then ended the RIM Device Manger and then tried to connect to BBHTool,BBSAK and BBBoss with no luck. I went back to the Task Manager again and saw 1 more RIM application process running, once i stopped it and made sure all RIM processes were stopped I was able to connect to all programs.
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    11-16-11 05:54 PM