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    I have done a search, both here and through Google, and still don't understand what I am doing wrong. I apologize for any repetitiousness this thread may have.

    I posted my issue on an older thread, but think it may not get noticed due to it being quite old. LINK

    What my situation is, is that I have a new PC with Windows 7, Office (and Outlook) 2010 32bit, and have loaded the most current BB Desktop Manger V6.0.0.43. When I go to configure the configure the sync settings I get this error, and it lies.
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    All the searching I have done has indicated that this should work fine, only the 64bit Outlook does not work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both software, as well as cleaned my registry, all to no avail.

    I have twice tried to email BB support, and I must say this is my biggest peeve of this whole thing. Their response both times was "Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Technical Support. The email you submitted has not been delivered. Please find many alternative support options below." The list includes all the things I have tried. Their lack of consumer support is appalling. I even posted on the BlackBerry user forums and got no response.

    It is extremely important to me for use in my small business to be able to sync to my Outlook data, especially for Schedule and Contacts. Not being able to do so is not an acceptable option for me. Up until now, I have had little beef with BB, and in fact have enjoyed the couple phones I have had. If I can't resolve this soon, I will be forced to look for another solution. There must be 1000's of people in the same situation though.

    At this time, we only have 4 BB phones, but only one other will be hitting the same situation soon, with setting her up on a new PC too.

    Again, sorry for any redundancy I may have created. I just feel frustrated in not being able to solve this issue, and especially at BB not being willing to help.
    09-28-10 11:06 AM