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    I think I posted this in the wrong section, and I don't know how to delete it from there (Under OS6)...

    I've updated my BB once before with no trouble. However tonight it seems maybe I'm frozen. I plugged in my Bold 9700 and it said there was an update. I did everything like I normally do. It's been more than an hour stuck on net_rim_sync_daemon.cod.

    I'm nervous to pull the plug and wanted to know it was frozen for sure before doing so. Can you tell me, is the screen of the BB (where it shows the icons for the BB and PC with arrows)... is that supposed to be animated while updating? Like blinking back and forth between the two icons?

    I'm not even sure why it asked me to update to OS6, from the looks of the screen shots on the BB website to identify OS, it looks like I already had OS6.

    The place in the desktop software where you check mark "Back up" was checked marked, does that mean everything is saved if it is frozen.

    11-07-11 07:36 PM