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    I need help as soon as possible please. I have been searching, but probably did not use the right terms to narrow down what I was looking for. But I need someone who can help asap.

    I have a customer with a Bold 9700, which I upgraded from a Curve 8230 - but was having similar issue. Anyway, customer has several folders and rules in Outlook 2007 to move those items to those folders.

    The problem: When I navigate to Options > Email Settings > Folder Redirection - only Desktop shows and it is not expandable. If I choose to view folders, I only see Browser Folders and nothing associated with Outlook. We use wireless sync for EVERYTHING and DM is not available for customer desktop. (yes I know...)

    What I have tried:

    Activating a new device.

    Deleting CMIME and sending Service Books.

    Updated the encryption key

    I checked the BES (5.02) to view customers Redirection settings, I can see the folders and that they are selected, but not on device.

    Please... Please... HELP!

    And thank you for all suggestions.
    09-17-10 11:54 AM