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    As an XP tweaker for the past ten years, I have found that when a newly downloaded program refuses to work or has problems it often turns out to be that the appropriate Windows Services are turned off. Services are basically manager files within the OS. Windows offers an incredible amount of diverse Services, most of which are unnecessary for the average user. Having too many turned-on bogs a computer down, so disabling unnecessary ones is beneficial. But if you download a new program (like BB Link) that requires certain Services be activated and they are instead disabled, you are in trouble. Unfortunately program writers and troubleshooting lists usually assume that the proper Services are activated, so they are often of little help in determining which Services need to be turned on. This was the case for me with BB Link.

    Link would load for me, and do backups and restores, but refused to sync files or even recognize the Device or Media Card storage. I tried all of the mandatory searches for answers on the BB site, their forum, the Crackberry forum, and Google. I found a number of solutions that worked for other people, but not for me. So, as a last resort I started experimenting with turning on Windows Services, many of which I had disabled over the years as unnecessary. The problem with Services is that some changes need a reboot to take effect (but they don't tell you), and others don't. Also, it is not just a matter of enabling a Service or two and then seeing if that works. Often, one Service only works if other Services are also enabled (it is called dependency). This can make the process hit and miss and terribly time consuming.

    Anyway, to make a long story short I have narrowed down which Services were necessary to fix my BB Link problem. Perhaps they will help others of you with the same problem. The only caveat is that I may have missed certain necessary Services that I already had enabled and that you may not. In that case you may have to experiment further. This is important: Make a diary of every change you make. Don't just go turning stuff on and off all over the place. Some Services can leave your computer extremely vulnerable to hackers. Others can slow your computer down unnecessarily. And there is always the threat of turning something off that is necessary for another program. So use the diary. Here is what I have found:

    You'll need administrative privileges to make these changes.
    Got to Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services.
    To change a Service double click and open its window.
    In the Startup type: dropdown menu select your desired setting.
    Click on OK and check to see that your new setting is indicated in the Startup type column.
    Here are the essential Services that I needed to turn on to Automatic:
    Computer Browser
    Wired Auto Config
    Wireles Zero Configuration
    Be sure also to enable file sharing for the BlackBerry folders in your My Documents folder and any other folders you desire Link to access.
    Go to My Computer / Tools / Folder Options / View Tab / check to enable Use simple file sharing / click OK
    Unfortunately, if your computer is part of a domain, Simple file sharing won't work.
    Navigate to your desired folders to share (like your BlackBerry folder in My Documents), right-click on the folder, and click on Sharing and Security.
    Check to enable Share this folder on the network.
    Check to enable Allow network users to change my files.
    Click OK.
    Reboot your computer.
    Fire up Link and attach your BB.
    Good luck!
    (Any other ideas are welcome.)
    12-25-13 03:24 PM
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    Damn fine work!
    12-26-13 12:19 PM
  3. Axacta's Avatar
    Damn fine work!
    Thank you.
    12-26-13 01:12 PM

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