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    I did a brief search and couldn't find anything specific to my phone so here goes: My DM just installed on my laptop running Vista. Everything loaded fine and updated correctly, but when I got to the First Time Configuration screen, it just sits there asking me to "choose to have my folders scanned" and "would I like to scan for media now?" I click yes and nothing happens. Any ideas??? I have already uninstalled DM once and reinstalled again with the same results....
    07-13-10 07:32 AM
  2. jwebste9's Avatar
    If all else fails, my only suggesting is to download ccleaner. uninstall DM, run registry cleaner from ccleaner. reboot, re-install dm and try again. not sure if there are different versions for win 7, vista, xp, but make sure you getting right one fore you computer, 64-bit/ 32
    07-13-10 07:34 AM
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    Some more hints for you detectives out there...This is a brand new Storm 2 I needed to puchase because my old storm died a peaceful death one morning. So I used the desktop manager CD in my Verizon box to load on my laptop. My old storm DM loaded fine on my desktop computer (running XP pro). I tried to load that DM on my lappie and got the same result. I thought it might be a "Vista" problem, so thats why I reloaded the newer CD with the 5.0.0 version already installed on the CD.....dont know if that helps anyone out there who might've had the same problem.
    07-14-10 12:24 PM
  4. ST79's Avatar
    If nothing works, uninstall current DM and download DM without media manager from blackberry.com.

    I personally recommend using DM 4.6 without media manager. Never had any problems with it and I'm still using it.

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    07-14-10 05:00 PM
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    Can I still transfer my computer files ie:music and pictures to my new Storm via the lappie without media manager? And if so which option should I choose in the main menu window? Thanks for your help. I found the site and am considering downloading the 4.6 version. I'm just not sure if I can still transfer my music and pics to my cell without the media manager.
    07-20-10 05:31 PM
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    Yes you can. Connect it pc and it will be identified as an external USB device. Don't forget to turn on the mass storage mode. Once connected to pc, you can just drag and drop your files ...

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    07-20-10 05:45 PM
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    Call me stupid, but I removed 5.0.1 version and then loaded 4.6 without Media Manager from Blackberry.com. I clicked on DM and opened Roxio. It did the same thing. It didn't recognize my phone as an external USB device. I have a feeling your gonna tell me I should not have clicked on DM. And I'm not sure what you mean by mass storage mode. I know what it is, because I see that with other zip drives that hold storage, But I'm not sure how to or what to "turn on" the mass storage mode. Reluctantly, I uninstalled the version 4.6 before logging back on here. But, I do appreciate the help!
    07-20-10 07:16 PM
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    Menu - options - memory. Turn on 'mass storage mode' and 'auto enable mass storage mode when connected'...

    Hope this helps

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    07-21-10 06:18 AM
  9. yellerlabsdadx2's Avatar
    Holy Cow! It worked! Hey thanks alot! I really do appreciate your help. I followed your instructions completely and it was easy! You have made a firefighter's day brighter!
    07-26-10 06:40 PM