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    Ok, I finally got it. Here's what I did (Win7x64 Pro with offending DM7 corruption):

    1) Ran DM7 Uninstaller (which DOESN'T uninstall anything (not sure why)). All of the program files remained, although the Windows uninstaller thought it was toast.

    2) Deleted the C:\programfiles(x86)....\RIM folder...

    3)Deleted all traces of anything RIM and BLACKBERRY in the user profiles including any traces in the hidden AppData/Roaming folders, etc., etc.. Did the same in the AllUsers profile folder, and anywhere else in there where any RIM bacteria was located. It was a "cleansing" of sorts. (Copied the old backup folder to a folder name like "zzz" --- wanted to keep those files). I mean, kill any and ALL traces of that software of RIM presence.

    4)Went into the registry. Did a successive series of "Find" operations and deleted anything/everything under the key words of "RIM" and "Blackberry". CAREFUL.... the "RIM" character sequence appears in many places that have nothing to do with RIM, such as the word "trim". Delete the wrong key, and, well.........ka-boom...

    Now, this activity took 1+ hours, as, I learned, RIM pollutes the registry with an almost unimaginable number of keys, especially "in-process" server keys. My informal estimate is that I deleted no less than 20-30 keys that were realted to Blackberry or RIM. I assume I got all of them, or, at least, the offending one in the pile that the DM6.x installer keys on to think that a later DM version already exists on the computer.

    5) reboot...and hold breath whilst doing so

    6)Re-installed older DM 6.xxx and I am BACK IN BUSINESS...

    BTW, make sure that the "System" and YOUR USER ACCOUNT NAME has FULL CONTROL of the appropriate profile folder(s). In some enterprises, they "trim" your rights and privilages to those folders. You must insure that you have full control when re-installing (ask how I know this).

    My hope is that this may help at least one other person. IT wasn't fun, but I NEED synching abilities--- and I assume I am not the only one that prefers to have that feature available.

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    Message to RIM:

    Thank you sooooo much for this mis-step, and the lack of help I received via 3 support calls to you folks, and the pain of the last 4 days being on my own to try to fix what you hosed up without a reasonable path back to square "1". Want to know why you are imploding? Call me... I think I can shed some light on at least a small contributing reason as to why. I am not a RIM basher. I am trying to be as loyal as possible because I do like the devices and the features when they work.

    Please quit trying so hard to prove the nay-sayers right.
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    02-27-12 10:53 AM