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    I have a 9700 with OS 6.0.424 and two laptops (home and work) both running Windows 7 Pro 32-bit and DM Tethering works fine on my home laptop but fails to connect on my work laptop. Since it works on one laptop but not the other, this rules out any problems with the device or OS. DM does see the device, will list the applications, allows access to the mass storage device, etc, which indicates the USB connection is OK. It may also be worth mentioning that tethering was working properly my work laptop before upgrading to DM6.

    The error I get when trying to connect is:

    There was a hardware failure in the modem (or other connecting device).

    And Desktop.log shows an Error "692" (this seems to be the relevant part):

    17:25:06.718|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.IPModem|0|DataModem Status Update. Status: ConnectingToDevice
    17:25:06.718|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.IPModem|0|UpdateConnectionStatus. Status: ConnectingToDevice
    17:25:09.465|INFO |8|Rim.Desktop.Services.Tasks|0|TASK: [DownloadAndUpdateSupportedDevices], STATE: Progressing, TRANSITION: Progressing -> Finishing, OPERATION: Void <InitializeSupportedDevices>b__0()
    17:25:09.465|INFO |8|Rim.Desktop.Services.Tasks|0|TASK: [DownloadAndUpdateSupportedDevices], STATE: Completed, TRANSITION: none, OPERATION: none, DURATION: 9943
    17:25:09.572|ERROR|5|Rim.Desktop.Services.Device|0 |[Rim:esktop::Services:evice:ataModem:eviceModemController::CheckDeviceModemState|PIN:0x 217866EB] Stopping DataModem Callback. Connection already established.
    17:25:24.856|DEBUG|11|Rim.Desktop.Services.Device| 0|[IRIMRasConnectionImpl::ras_callback] RasDialCallback Event:[0x2] Error:[0x2B4] Extended Error:[0x0]
    17:25:24.856|ERROR|11|Rim.Desktop.Services.Device| 0|[IRIMRasConnectionImpl::ras_callback] Error occured. Error: 0x2B4
    17:25:24.856|DEBUG|11|Rim.Desktop.Services.Device| 0| [RIMRasConnectionNotifyProxy::status_update] DataModem Status Update. Status: 8 Error: 692
    17:25:24.860|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.IPModem|0|DataModem Status Update. Status: Disconnected
    17:25:24.860|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.IPModem|0|UpdateConnectionStatus. Status: Disconnected

    I tried uninstalling DM6, removing the dial-up connection entries, removing the Standard Modem from device manager, deleting all traces of "Blackberry", "RIM", and "Research In Motion" from the registry, and then re-installing DM6. But this did not fix the problem.

    NOTE: I am logged into my work laptop as Administrator which should rule out any security-related issues.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for troublshooting or resolving this issue?

    01-22-11 04:51 PM