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    I was having problems with my Blackberry so I called Verizon and they gave me a step by step of things to try in order to solve my issues. I do not believe they have solved the issues, but that's a different story.
    Here is my problem-
    I backed up my Blackberry, then performed a security wipe. After that, I plugged my Blackberry back in and tried to restore the phone. It says it has an error that only 5 of 6 was restored. "Map Settings" was not restored...? Then when I look at my phone, all of my apps are gone (which I was told I would not lose) and many of my icons are wrong. For example, the icon for Verizon Song ID is labeled as Browser and, when clicked, directs to Browser. There are actually 4 or 5 icons with labels of Browser, all of which link to the Browser and not their actual app.
    What can I do? Any suggestions?
    01-11-10 02:28 PM
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    The error message is:
    Error restoring databases. "[Map Settings]" 5 of 6 entries restored.
    01-11-10 02:39 PM
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    The apps with the label of Browser:
    Verizon Song ID
    Visual Voicemail
    My Verizon
    01-11-10 02:41 PM