1. Kindlekat's Avatar
    I have a Torch, before that a Curve, and am suddenly not able to configure my settings for my organizer data. It was fine for the first few times, but the organizer released a new version, and now it's giving me an error message with no numbers or codes associated with it.

    I took a screen shot, because I am simply clueless as to how to fix this, or where the error occurred. It gets to this point and stops, every single time.

    [The forum isn't posting the photo, the link to it is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/47028166@N02/6022332500/ ]
    I've tried running the manager as an admin as BB suggested, but that hasn't made a difference. Any suggestions? I'm dying without my calendar!
    08-08-11 10:12 AM