1. biznatch's Avatar
    When trying to back up my Curve 8330 over the past few weeks I kept getting the message "Error backing up database". I narrowed the problem down to 3 databases: browser cache, profiles, and messages. I cleared the browser cache and profile and now they aren't causing any problems, but I really don't want to clear the messages database, as I assume this will delete all messages from my BB. Is there some way to figure out what message(s) are causing the problem and just delete those, or is there any other way to solve this problem without clearing all my messages?

    Also, in general, should I be clearing messages from my BB? I've had it a few months and haven't bothered to, and DM says there are 526 records in the Messages database. Does having this many have any negative effects for my BB (slows it down or something?), and/or could having so many be what's causing the backup problem...or does the fact that I just started getting the error in the last 2 weeks suggest there's a specific recent message causing the problem?

    02-18-10 03:27 PM