1. CGrant87's Avatar
    Is there a way to prevent the "Blackberry Desktop Software" from requesting my phone's password?

    When I connect my (personal; ie not work) phone to my personal laptop, I am prompted by the Desktop Software to enter my phone's password. Then I must enter it on my BB. Given that the Desktop Software knows that it's my phone and that my computer is secure, is there a way to enter a master password that gets saved by the Desktop Software. Thus elminating the need for me to enter my password on either my phone or computer?
    09-15-10 03:04 PM
  2. Herbie.K's Avatar
    Rather than starting a new thread, I am having a slightly different password issue. I just installed DM 6.0 and it is asking for my password to unlock the device. Well, I type in the same password that unlocks my phone and it "isn't correct". I did notice that it was asking on both the phone and the device and this is very annoying, but most importantly - how can I find out if there is some other password that they are wanting?
    09-17-10 08:17 PM
  3. CGrant87's Avatar
    I know with my BB that I use a numeric password (say 1234). On my desktop, I enter "wers" (the alpha keys under the number keys on the BB). Does that help?
    09-17-10 09:15 PM
  4. jeffh's Avatar
    CGRant87: No, there's no way to enter a "master password" for Desktop Manager.

    Herbie.K: Desktop Manager requires the same password as you use to unlock your phone. A very common user mistake is assuming the BlackBerry password is numeric when it is not. The BlackBerry device keyboard does not default to numeric for password entry. If you think your password is 1234, and you are typing 1234 without pressing Alt before each key, then you are really entering wers. Try the alpha equivalents for your supposed numeric password and see if that works for Desktop Manager.

    EDIT: I just noticed CGrant87's post. You are almost correct. See my explanation.
    09-17-10 09:41 PM