1. Jerry5k's Avatar
    Blackberry Desktop software has stopped working. Windows will shut down DTM.It worked fine last week when I upgraded(Torch 9800) to O/S I have uninstalled DTM and reinstalled the latest DTM.
    Still get the same message.
    I checked search and could not find any fix.
    Anyone else having this problem?
    06-07-11 09:42 AM
  2. Jerry5k's Avatar
    Since no one has offered any response to solve my problem on this Crackberry forum I went to the Blackberry webpage and worked my way to their forum. I tried to register but it responded that the name I wanted to use was already taken. I checked my Code List and I had already signed up in the past. I then went back to check-in using my code name and password I showed on my Code List. I tried 3 times and a Message appeared--YOU ARE BANNED FROM ENTERING THIS SITE. What a bummer.I love my 9800 but I hate Desktop Manager. I have had nothing but problems with DTM starting with my first purchase of my 8310 Curve. Have you noticed on this forum site (Desktop Manager) that there are an unusual number of 0 replies with fixes to Crackberry addicts wanting answers to Desktop Manager Problems? I am really frustrated that I can"t find an answer to fix my problem.I guess I have said enough from a senior citizen that can't use any features on DTM.
    06-08-11 10:20 AM