1. Maloy's Avatar
    DTM wants to apply applications routine after initial applications updating and installs. This is what is occuring --

    Open DTM
    Connect Torch 9800
    Open Applications in DTM
    Review Listed applications. Take Particular note of "Red Stared" apps.
    Review changes, etc in Applications summary pane.
    Click apply in apps summary pane
    Wait for routine to cycle/load/etc.
    Device remains connected to laptop

    This is what happens after reload ---

    Applications automatically reload at once. No interval to disconnect.
    Entire OS apps, default apps and third party apps are listed again. Some marked with "Red Star"

    Usually Summary Pane reloads list of apps that have just been installed/reloaded.

    Why does DTM do this?

    Wouldn't it be enough for Applications routine to operate once and then stop?"

    Is there a fix for this?
    07-16-11 10:58 AM