1. quik4life's Avatar
    Whenever I try to backup my device, it always hangs/freezes at BBGroups and will not continue, no matter how long I wait. Does anyone know if the update to DM has fixed this problem?

    03-25-10 09:41 PM
  2. quik4life's Avatar

    I'm afraid to try it and do a backup because the last time I did, it froze when backing up the BBGroups and I almost bricked my phone...
    03-27-10 09:11 AM
  3. HaTaX's Avatar
    Nope, new DM does the same thing. My advice is to do a full backup, then in the advanced section clear out the BBGroups database on the BB, and do your update.

    After the update is complete and the device has it's previous data restored, go back into the advanced section, pull up the first backup you made, and restore JUST the BBGroups database from there.

    It's a PITA, yes... But it prevents it hanging up while doing the restore!
    03-31-10 12:00 AM
  4. quik4life's Avatar
    Thanks for your advice, HaTaX.

    In the near future, I plan to upgrade my OS to hybrid. If I remove myself from my BBM Group before I do my backup, will it still hang when backing up?
    04-07-10 09:35 AM