1. epress man's Avatar
    Question in the title.
    I'm on the Beta release and I hate it. Nothing works right.
    It sounds like everything is fixed in the next release. Wish they would give out a new one.
    Anyway, With this beta, Blend will not connect to it. Wifi or USB

    09-26-14 09:31 AM
  2. conite's Avatar
    Only works on Passport. No other devices have been white listed.

    09-26-14 09:35 AM
  3. epress man's Avatar
    that would explain it
    09-26-14 10:07 AM
  4. justdotdotdot's Avatar
    Technically I shouldn't say what I want to here (cuz the Beta NDA, which you are held to as well).... Check the Beta forums. Bob responded to a similar question there with delightful news.
    09-26-14 03:59 PM

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