1. new_to_BB's Avatar
    When i tried to add new language packs when i started app loader in the desktop manager, the BB messenger's default is un-checkmarked, the action default is "remove", but when i checkmark the BB messenger, the action field became "downgrade", i clicked the details, and it showed my installed version is 5+ and the version within the app loader is 4.7.

    I also tried to upgrade desktop manager in Desktop Manager - App loader - Update software, but it seems no updates are available.

    So, if i want to add language pack, do i HAVE TO have my BB messenger downgraded?
    03-20-10 02:03 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    If you backup your BBMessenger contacts, you can let the App Loader delete BBM and install the language pack, then download BBMessenger 5 from the App World again and reload your contacts. There may be a simpler solution, but this will work.
    03-20-10 02:35 PM
  3. new_to_BB's Avatar
    it seemed like when i downgraded my BB messenger, it still removed my BB messenger, is that suppose to happen?

    and i have a backup file from week ago when i Restore my BB, will the backup file "add on" to my existing data within the phone, or "replace" all the data in my phone with the backup file from a week ago?
    03-20-10 02:49 PM
  4. jeffh's Avatar
    Restoring the backup will replace all the data on your phone with the contents of the backup. Any changes made after the backup will be lost.

    I just ran the App Loader to remove some files and saw the same choices re BBMessenger. However, I had both BBM 4.7.1 and BBM 5 in my apps list. I allowed it to remove BBM 4.7.1. It didn't touch BBM 5.
    03-21-10 07:28 AM
  5. new_to_BB's Avatar
    hmmm thats weird, I only saw one BBM version, but anyway, if its the only way i'll have to remove then download, it's kind of a hassle every time when I want to use app loader to load up something..
    03-21-10 12:42 PM