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    After couple months successful and satisfying DMv5.0 usage, couple weeks ago began persistently receiving erroneous list of ~30+ apps for which device updates are allegedly available. Assume whole list is false, since some (e.g. device version) are known to be false. Even reloaded DMv5.0, but false update list continues. Obviously can "cancel" around this update notification list, but desire corrected functionality -- w/o false update needs so real needs are identifiable. Anyone encountered this? Solution? (BB8330/Vz)
    08-18-09 09:49 PM
  2. Rev_Lyn's Avatar
    Oops! My bad! While Verizon tech support told me I had the latest software (and the DMv5.0 indicator was false, I did more research (w/ Vz and BB) and discovered that my BB software was NOT the latest ... and the DMv5.0 update apps were "not erroneous" but real! How embarrassing - my first crackberry post turns out to be a false alarm! Pls consider this item closed.
    08-20-09 07:42 PM