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    Hi Guys, I've installed DM7 over the DM6 last night and since then nothing has worked with it. It will sync once but then hangs on preparing sync preview then it just crashes after that when trying to sync, when just starting the software, when trying to cancel a sync in fact just about everything.

    Clearly DM7 is a pile of pants so I really want to go back to DM6 however on the BB website although it says 'click here for older versions of desktop manager' the only one there is actually DM7. I've run system restore to go back to version 6 and that didn't work, I've disabled my AV and installed it from scratch, I've disabled the AV and tried running 'repair' from add/remove programs. I've tried uninstalling it, restarting the pc and then reinstalling it, I've tried all the suggestions in the release notes and so I give up. I've tweeted @blackberryhelp several times but no reply, I can't find a phone number to ring them in the UK (or anywhere in fact) so I give up!

    If anyone can point me in the direction of where I can download DM6 I'd be very grateful.
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    02-16-12 09:01 AM
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    Here ya go...

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    02-16-12 08:01 PM
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    That's fantastic thank you. I tried several google searches and always ended up back at the Blackberry website so your help is very much appreciated!!
    02-17-12 02:53 AM
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    You are most welcome!
    02-17-12 09:02 AM
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    I uninstalled every version of BBDM that i had on my laptop, restarted it, downloaded DM6.1 from the ATT blackberry website, did a clean install and now it works. happy to have DM back on my pc.
    02-17-12 02:22 PM
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    I uninstalled every version of BBDM that i had on my laptop, restarted it, downloaded DM6.1 from the ATT blackberry website, did a clean install and now it works. happy to have DM back on my pc.
    is this fixed yet ?????
    02-29-12 03:19 PM
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    is this fixed yet ?????
    Nope. Still 6 on their site.
    02-29-12 03:29 PM
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    Nope. Still 6 on their site.
    Bunch of hosers. SOSO.
    02-29-12 03:30 PM
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    I think that we are all very disappointed with what happened to DM7. I had the same issue as everyone else and now I am back with DM6...

    We will have to wait until RIM fixes the problem... for the time they are taking in doing this one could say that its not a minor issue!!
    02-29-12 04:13 PM
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    We will have to wait until RIM fixes the problem..for the time they are taking in doing this one could say that its not a minor issue!!
    Which absolutely kills me because they could have made that "not a minor issue" discovery within a few hours had they simply released DM7 as a public beta. Why the heck doesn't RIM do that anyway (since clearly their internal testing sucks)?
    02-29-12 06:24 PM
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    I ditched DM7 and went back to DM6.1 and now I'm having major issues, I can't connect to my torch. It tells me that it needs BB Device Manager installed, which is funny in a way since I opened up BB Device Manager just to be sure I wasn't going loopy. I'm going back to the original 6.0 to see if that helps. I'll keep you posted.
    02-29-12 07:55 PM
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    I made the mistake of upgrading to DM7 w/o reading reviews... Now I need to revert back to DM6. Sheesh RIM!
    02-29-12 10:55 PM
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    I didn't realise that RIM had withdrawn DM7 which would explain why DM hasn't been asking me to upgrade. I agree with the comments above, how on earth could RIM release a version which isn't just a bit flaky but is fatally flawed then add insult to injury by ignoring anyone who asks @blackberryhelp on Twitter to help them sort out the steaming pile DM7 left behind. Without cntrydncr223's help I would have been totally stuck.
    03-01-12 12:57 AM
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    Oh my, I think it's not long until I am one of those who downgrade back to a BBDM 6.1 version. Version 7.0 is SO annoying! I gave it another chance today though because my hopes were all on the new Build 60, only to find no conceivable change at all.
    Using a Blackberry Bold 9900 with OS7 and Outlook, connected to Office365 which is not totally different from using an Exchange Server account.

    I had the sync preview lockup trouble, too, when using BBDM 7 for the first time but was able to fix it. The reward is that the sync preview is absolutely useless to me, and keeps being quite slow. Still it feels like the sync is faster in total than older releases.
    So what's bugging me about the sync? I am using the German version but I think everybody can see what I mean:

    • wasted space due to overly large fonts (why not keep Tahoma 8pt, that was beautiful and saved a whole lot of space)
    • abbreviations everywhere
    • important info is shortened down to total nonsense

    For instance, take the BBPreview image I have attached:

    • the subject of the conflicting item is exactly two letters, then an abbreviation. If I have multiple items on the same date, it's practically impossible to figure out what this is all about
    • the field that conflicts is also abbreviated (in English that is something like "Marked for...")
    • clicking the "mehr..." (= "more...") Hyperlink brings up another dialog that shows the same data as the grid already does - not too helpful

    But the summary is even worse (see BBSummary image):

    • it shows me it is going to delete one item on the device which is also shown "in detail" below. But that item should not be deleted because it still exists on the computer!
    • clicking the "Info" icon in the bottom view shows the details of the item that is about to be deleted but gives no explanation why it will be deleted
    • I cannot select any other line in the top grid, e.g. to see what is added or changed. The form just won't react. Maybe I'm interested why 430 items are changing on my computer if I confirm the sync?
    • so all I can see here is info about one deletion, nothing else. That is truly sad...

    RIM, what were you thinking?
    The only reason I keep using BBDM 7.0 is that it has better Bluetooth support. Everything else sucks! How could this ever pass any tests?
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    05-30-12 04:16 AM