04-27-12 05:35 AM
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    Yep... the sync feature on DM 7 is a steaming pile of crap. I'm having problems with the address book too! I'm going back to v. 6...
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    Yep... the sync feature on DM 7 is a steaming pile of crap. I'm having problems with the address book too! I'm going back to v. 6...
    What's going on with your address book?
    02-21-12 07:59 PM
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    Well, the issue of spreading all day events across 2 days on the BB came up. So, I decided to drop back to 6.1.

    I noticed that AT&T no longer offers DM 7 on their BB software page. And, while they previously only had an older DM 6.0, they now have 6.1.

    When I finally got around to running DM at home, it was after this whole thing blew up. It never gave me an "update available" notification. RIM totally pulled it. Must be a pretty big deal if the fix is taking this long.
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    I have read all the entiries in the forum for this DM 7 hang problem so I think I am as current as I can be on how to handle the issue. I have a Storm running the 5.x OS with its latest update. No beta software, no hacked software just plain vanilla BB. I installed the 7.0 upgrade to DM as I had several problems with the 6.0 and 6.1 versions that was supposed to be fixed in 7.0. I am using Windows 7 64 bit and Outlook 2007. All standard "stuff". I use my BB to remind me of upcoming appointments, meetings and tasks. Well, I am one of those that now has the hang problem with DM. I have let it run for over 2 hours with no sign of progress or chance of completion. I suppose I will take my laptop home this weekend and let it set for two days to make sure it really is in a hung state and not just slow.

    I find it interesting that RIM pulled the 7.0 update but made no comment about the problem, at least that I can find on their web site. Part of my problem with DM 7 is that DM will not allow me to change the configuration unless my phone is attached and when I attach it then it automatically updates the calendar which hangs so I cannot make a backup before going back to the older version. I can't change the setting to not do a two way synch or anything else. My only solution will be to uninstall, get the 6.1 version and reinstall it. Without a backup of the phone, I am not sure if I will have to get all the app's I have downloaded and installed and re-install them or not. Just a few unkowns in the current state. That also leaves me with the bug in 6.1 that made me want to update to a newer version.

    Given the bugs I have found in DM over tha last few releases coupled with my job (I am a software developer) makes me ask who does the development and testing for RIM? With very little effort, I have been able to isolate the root cause of my problems and make them reproducable pretty much on demand. Some are rather significant issues that are easlity reproduced in a standard office environment so there seems to be very little effort put into integration testing by RIM.

    Well, all I have to do is get another month or two out of my BB and then I will switch to a different phone. I will never get another BB phone or Pad even if they are free. How does a company go from the only game in town to a misable last place in terms of quality, software apps and user features in just a few short years??
    02-24-12 05:37 PM
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    Anybody heard any news regarding fixes for DM7? Updates on the way?
    02-27-12 10:58 AM
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    Was there ever an answer? I'm just about to uninstall DM7 as I'm having the calendar sync issue. It's bad enough that you can't directly sync a BB with the PB calendar. Not being able to do something as simple as synchronization with Outlook is beyond irritating.
    04-26-12 02:44 PM
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    Well I had moved back to BBDM 6 because of the issues. There was a recent release of a different version of BBDM 7 from Blackberry BETA-ZONE. I just installed that a few days ago and so far its working fine, not having the same problems I had with the release of BBDM 7 several weeks ago. You might give that a try if you have access to BETA-ZONE
    04-26-12 03:13 PM
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    I'm back to DM6.1, which works fine with my 9800 but won't let me move files around between my PB and PC.


    Not in Beta zone.
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