1. Chayne's Avatar
    ok so i downloaded DM6, and i am having some problems. hopefully someone here might be able to help me. i went through and did a search and even read through alot of threads found nothing. so here is my problem or question. i take pics during the day for my work. so each day i get home, i need to download these pics to a specific folder on my laptop. my problem is how do i download just those pics? i just do not understand how i can download just that one pic? it seems this new DM6 wants to download every picture on my phone. i just dont know how to do this can i get some help please
    08-17-10 08:37 PM
  2. scooter_74's Avatar
    I went back to version 5 so I can do that with the media manager, I gave up on this crap after 2 hours. rim needs to wake up and fix this sync crap. sure it looks nice but if it doesnt work its garbage.
    08-20-10 09:01 PM
  3. davidb55's Avatar
    odd that RIM didn't realise how folk use the roxio features of 5! I am going to go back to 5 for the reason that Chayne outlines above. I tried to copy a selection of recent photos over to my pc and discovered it was all or nothing! Ridiculous....(or am I missing something?)
    08-21-10 07:35 PM