1. The Thrill's Avatar
    OK, this is weird.

    So I've got the latest version of Desktop Manager, and can finally update the OS on my Bold 9000. (No, I didn't put any leaked ones on there...I'm noob enough to wait for the official AT&T release.)

    So it tells me I've got to clear up at least 9 MB of memory to install OS 5.0.whatever.833. I go to the Applications manager on DM, and click off all the apps (some mine, some pre-installed) that I wanna trash.

    But when I go to the "apply" button in the lower-right-hand corner to effect my changes, it won't even light up! I click on it and...nothing!

    Frustrating! Any suggestions, folks?
    08-24-10 08:56 PM
  2. wnm's Avatar
    Are you doing this as part of the OS install? It may not provide an active apply button if it still thinks you don't have enough room on your BB. Try deleting the apps directly from your BB, or with out the OS installed in windows and see what happens.
    08-25-10 08:07 AM
  3. The Thrill's Avatar
    Turns out you're spot-on, wnm.

    I was confused because DM was giving me an "exceeded storage limit" alert, yet showed some remaining space on my BB's memory.

    So, I took DM's suggestion from the box that came up after it told me I didn't have enough memory to install OS 5.0, and "archived" some apps w/ BB App World. (And it seems those are gone forever...I shall miss them. Somewhat.)

    That gave me enough memory to install the OS through DM. And other than losing my Yahoo! icon for my E-mail, and getting used to how OS 5 handles SMS/MMS more like a BBM conversation, I think I like it!

    Thanks for the advice!
    08-26-10 10:40 AM
  4. wnm's Avatar
    You're welcome.
    08-26-10 10:46 AM