1. cafutter's Avatar
    My question is similar to a previous thread ("Apply" button is a no-go). My desktop manager seems to work in terms of sync'ing but I have two messages on the applications screen of the DM:
    1) There is a yellow box with an exclamation point at the bottom of the screen and next to it "Exceeded available storage" There is a bar just above it with ~90% filled and next to it "124.5 MB (application storage)" What do these mean?

    2) Next to BlackBerry 5.0.0 Core applications in the applications list is an asterix in a red circle. Any significance?

    I have tried to delete some apps by the apply button doesn't do anything. (Mouse arrow doesn't change over it, clicking does nothing).

    Win 7 Home premium 64 bit
    DM Bundle 42
    BB Storm 9530 OS

    I assume I have too much stuff on my storm because QuickPull is now telling me I have too little memory all the time.

    Thanks in advance
    09-07-10 12:51 PM
  2. caustill's Avatar

    I have all the same symptoms:

    1) Red asterix nexttothe Blackberry 5.0.0 core applications
    2) Yellow box with an exlamation point at the bottom of the screen and next to "Exceeded available storage"
    3) I try to delete apps, but the "apply" button doesn't work.

    Blackberry Bold 9000
    Windows XP Home Edition Operating System 5.1.2600

    09-27-10 09:21 PM
  3. bkvollmer's Avatar
    Looks like no fix for this yet. MANY MANY MANY of us have this problem, whether they know it or not. Many haven't yet gone into the APPLICATIONS secion of DM6.
    10-15-10 03:13 PM
  4. Buffalo50's Avatar
    I found if you reinstall the OS and turn off the network upon reboot you can then go to option/applications on your phone and delete any 3rd party or ad dons. My Verizon storm had many core apps that were ad dons after I reinstalled the OS. I was able to delete over 50mb of junk and install what I wanted! My phone also ran much better without all the junk Verizon shoves down our throat! Hope this helps everyone as much as it did me! Don't forget to back up your contacts and such first though.
    12-28-10 09:58 AM