1. mugen_jon's Avatar
    I remember back to DM5 when we doing OS upgrade, there is a screen prompt out that enable us to choose language to install, 3rd party apps and some core apps. But however i not able to find that screen using DM6 when doing the OS upgrade. Am i missing something ? I do try to search in the forum, however i cannot find the related topic. As for the mean time, i'm using the apps loader to upgrade the OS instead of DM6.

    Anyone can help me ?

    01-08-11 10:04 PM
  2. statdoc#CB's Avatar
    When you are doing the install, you have the option of standard or custom (sorry, I can't remember the actual names, but that is what they mean). I did the OS6 install OTA on my phone, and saw this option. I selected "custom", and was able to pick & choose various modules in the OS.
    01-11-11 01:14 AM
  3. mugen_jon's Avatar
    Hmmm.. if i understand correctly you are upgrading your OS from OTA.
    The method that i'm trying to do is upgrading OS through DM6 in Windows.
    Thanks for your replies tho.
    01-11-11 07:28 AM
  4. blak8830's Avatar
    This frequently happens when you have multiple device OS loads on your system.
    Remove all but the OS you're trying to load, and be sure to remove any directories that are left over. Then you may need to re-run the DM install, and select "repair"
    01-11-11 09:41 AM