1. carim0903's Avatar
    I am going to Device, Update..., it tells me there are no BlackBerry Device Software updates available, i click on View other versions, I select the software i want, it says Connecting to your BlackBerry device.
    Then I get this stupid message that says "An updated BlackBerry Desktop Software component must be installed before you can continue." with the options of Install and Cancel. I click Install. Update info includes "Program Name: 88f8e.msi"

    Next popup says:
    Existing BlackBerry software has been detected on your computer and must be closed before proceeding.

    Next popup says:
    Disconnect your device and click ok to close these applications.
    Otherwise click cancel to stop the instillation

    Then it says its updating and reopens the desktop software and i try to upgrade my device software again and it all happens again.

    I have tried to delete and reinstalled Desktop Manager and that hasnt helped. Any ideas on how to make this work?
    08-24-11 12:28 AM