1. Echelon6277's Avatar
    Everytime I open DM it takes forever until it's fully launched and ready to be used. When it finally has launched and I connect my BB it takes forever for my BB and DM to connect. It doesn't matter if I connect the BB first and then open DM or open DM first and then connect my BB...
    When DM and BB is connected everything works normaly.
    Everything else on my laptop works as it's supposed to and doesn't take forever. If I just connect my BB and go into it via My Computer it works just fine, only takes like 30 seconds.

    I run Win Vista on my laptop, latest version of DM and OS 6 on my BB.

    Anyone else have the same problem?
    10-31-11 02:32 AM
  2. Lyls's Avatar
    It takes forever for me, too. I don't get it. Backups are a lot faster through DM now, but just opening it & connecting to your phone takes forever!
    10-31-11 09:29 AM
  3. Echelon6277's Avatar
    The weird thing is that it hasn't always been like this, a few months ago it ran really smooth and quick. I think it's also weird that once everything is launched and connected it runs like normal...

    In a way i'm glad it's not just me, at least there isn't something wrong with my laptop. It just sucks that it takes 2 hours to update the phone everytime a new os version is released when it used to take 30-45 minutes...
    11-01-11 02:59 AM
  4. anon(1926122)'s Avatar
    I am having the same issue, I have been unable for several hours to have two BlackBerry mobiles to be connected.

    I am wonder if to uninstall and download once again.

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    11-02-11 01:13 AM
  5. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    I wonder if it has something to do with looking for updates on RIM servers. I will give it a shot tomorrow when I wake up.

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    11-02-11 01:51 AM
  6. TurboTiger's Avatar
    Mine takes forever as well.
    Running Windows XP on my laptop.
    It's always been that way for me.
    Good Luck
    11-03-11 08:50 PM