1. laollis's Avatar
    DM always freezes or is so slow it just sucks. Roxio sucks! Is there another program?
    04-10-10 09:25 AM
  2. pilsbury's Avatar
    besides installing a new OS or apps that are not OTA, the DTM and Roxio are pretty useless. If youre just loading your media card with files, just drag and drop. I totally agree, Roxio is a joke.
    04-10-10 09:53 AM
  3. Pete6's Avatar
    You are right and you are wrong.

    Right: Roxio is a total POS. Delete DM and Roxio. from your PC. Once Roxio is in it is a real female dog to get out. You may have to remove it seperately fom Control panel. With one version I actually had to do a System Restore to an earlier date to rid my system of the horrid thing.

    Wrong: DM is actually OK. If not lovable, it does its job. I prefer version 4.6 with no media manager which was the last version before it tried the "help" me by connecting to the internet and replacing files that I had deliberately deleted.

    If you sync to Outlook then you should not have a problem with DM.

    One penalty of not using Roxio is that you need to keep all your media files on your micro-SD card but then you should be doing that anyway.
    04-10-10 10:05 AM
  4. Techno-Emigre's Avatar
    Newbie here. Have searched and read but this thread is closest I have come to help. Since OS .609 Media Manager in DM doesn't recognize my S2 9550 is on USB. I searched the MM & RIM sites with no luck. sigh.

    I use DM daily as I use S2 as modem plus sync to Outlook. Know this sounds too ignorant for words, but (1) can I unistall just the MM portion of DM? (2) if I do, will Microsoft (Vista) handle it or do I need to config something thru DM? Currently using DM v 501.37; MM v 940B57EENU

    Thanks in advance!
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    04-11-10 03:32 PM