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    I'm running DM - which I understand is the lastest version of DM and is supposed to be compatible with Outlook 64 bit. I am trying to use this to merely sync contacts and calendar entries.

    However, I continue to get an error message that Outlook is not my default email client - which it actually is. Then I get another message stating "cannot log on to Exchange Server. Please check server access or provide a valid password".

    I don't use Exchange Server so I have no idea what that's all about. Is it too much to ask for DM to just sync my calendar and contacts?

    Any suggestionis? I tried companion link and that worked but would really like to NOT have to spend $150 on their app as I have multiple BB phones.

    I should note I'm using a Torch 9800 and the Bold 9700 - both of which have OS 6 on them.
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    01-16-11 10:02 AM
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    I have just found a solution that worked for me on another thread!

    Many thanks to grfxguy for this:

    SOLUTION: Assuming you have the latest Desktop Manager installed from BB, with both BB & OL 2010 closed
    1.Open Control Panel and click Mail
    2.When the window pops up, click on Show Profiles
    3.Select your profile and click the Copy button. Name the copy whatever you want - we won't be keeping it around long.
    4.Start Desktop Manager and connect your BB.
    5.Start configuring your Organizer, but choose the copy profile for any item. Click OK when DS asks about remapping folders.
    6.After configuring any Outlook component, click OK until you get back to your main DS window. At this point, you should not get the previous error message.
    7.Go back into DS and configure all your Outlook components with your original profile. You will get the folder remapping message again - just click OK.
    8.When you're done, click OK until you're back at the main DS window. You shouldn't get any error messages at this point.
    9.From Control Panel, go back in to Mail and delete the duplicate profile you previously created.
    01-16-11 10:28 AM
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    I know this error.

    This error is due to it stuck in the past for Outlook 2010 32 bit.

    The solution was to reset the configuration options. Then select Outlook again and sync away. As Outlook not being default, try to go into control panel and go to default programs and make outlook the main.
    01-16-11 07:07 PM
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    Like I said Outlook was and has always been my default mail client. I don't use anything else.

    Anyway, this solution mixed everything it seems as that message did not come up again.

    I will sync it daily for the next few days to just really see if this is something I have to re-configure every single time?
    01-17-11 05:17 AM
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    I had the same problem after I uploaded latest DM software - using a Torch. The solution above worked for me - cayman2010 you are a life saver! Thanks
    05-01-11 11:12 AM