1. OldSchoolTech's Avatar
    After getting a replacement Blackberry Pearl 9105 and restoring all my data and apps etc. I found that I had 30mb of space left, on my previous blackberry I could open DM and go to applications and remove language packs and the 'help' app for example to free up some space. However now when I visit the application page it just shows up the apps that have been downloaded via App world. (Not showing any of the language packs or anything!)

    I have a Blackberry Pearl 9105 running OS6 and the latest version of DM.

    How can I view all of the OS applications so I can remove some of them? Thanks.
    07-25-11 07:50 AM
  2. OldSchoolTech's Avatar
    Has anyone else experienced this issue? :/
    07-27-11 03:53 AM
  3. max221's Avatar
    Did you delete the original vendor file? If so--that's why it happened. If you have a backup of the original and replace it all the system info will be available through DM.

    08-02-11 10:57 AM
  4. OldSchoolTech's Avatar
    I have never intentionally deleted it, I did restore this blackberry from a previous Pearl back-up - if that may have caused any issues?
    08-04-11 03:32 PM